Cookware Set – Copper, Stainless Steel or Non-Stick

Being an apartment stager, I am regularly asked questions regarding the cookware, interior items, decor, furniture, rugs and even the toiletries. I mean, most of the times, my customers want me to suggest the names or types which are the most suitable to them and their needs. Given my interest in all that stuff and the zeal to satisfy my clients, I research a lot and tend to offer the best help from my side. Today, I had a very good interaction with my customers that are a big family of 5 (2 parents and 3 children); in which the cookware types were being discussed. I thought to share the same with you.

Cookware Set

I was asked that which cookware set will suit them the most. In any other case it would have been the Stainless Steel as I am a devout fan of the same and have been using my own for past 10 years. I love cooking and assure you that my set is very well used and still is as good as new. But, this particular family has to be guided in a different manner. Because, no matter they earn well, but the kind of investment required for the complete cookware set of stainless steel, is a bit too much and can break their budget. Hence, I have to reply considering that.

While making a purchase for any kind of cookware set, one can follow the following 5 rules and shortlist the one that suits him or her the most. Also, it very important to go through cookware set reviews as otherwise you will lose your money for a bad product.

Rule #1: Check the Requirement and Budget

If you don’t love cooking and your cookware usage is limited to heating the packed or canned food, then your choice of the cookware doesn’t matter much. You can heat the beans in copper, stainless steel or non-stick. Further, if you are on a shoe-string budget then, you will have to choose the one accordingly. Generally, the copper utensils are suitable for the big kitchens and families where the pots are dedicated to cook the broths and stews and chicken and it is important to have the copper pot. The non-stick cookware is expensive and the stainless steel is the most expensive one on the list.

Rule #2: Quality and Cost Balance

Everyone has the different outlook towards the quality of the things they purchase. Some people can compromise on quality and spend less on the cookware set and some are not. For the people totally focused on the quality, the Stainless Steel Cookware is the best. It is the pricey one but it serves you the best and for the longest. The non-stick cookware needs replacement after sometime, when the coating corrodes away and similar is the case with the copper cookware which has a tendency to corrode and slim down with time and usage.

Rule #3: General Properties

Stainless steel cookware setThe Stainless Steel Cookware Set is the best of all. It is free of all chemicals, provides you with the best-cooked food, is non-reactive, is the most durable, dent resistant and provides even heating. The non-stick cookware is, on the other hand, manufactured by coating the cookware surface with the Teflon and other substances and has a chemical nature. It cannot be scrubbed too hard. It has to be dealt carefully and the coating wears out. Once, it is worn out, you have to replace your non-stick cookware set and purchase another one. The copper cookware tarnishes in moisture and consistent use, gets corroded with time, gets eaten away by the acidic foods and reacts with them, tends to change their flavor and smell, prone to denting and destruction and needs real elbow strength while cleaning. The polishing too fades away with time. Hence, the purchase should be done accordingly.

Rule #4: Items Being Cooked

If you are not keen on sauces, the copper cookware is a good choice. But if you like to enjoy the sour flavor every now and then, then the copper cookware may not be the one for you. If you have the habit to keep the food in the cookware itself for long intervals of time and clean all your utensils together once they pile on, then the copper cookware is not suitable for you. This is because of the fact that the copper cookware tends to react with certain items and the prolonged storage of food in it will mean that the metal creeps in your food, your food loses the original taste and ingredients tend to lose the flavor.

Both the stainless steel and non-stick cookware will be good in the above situations.

Rule #5: Urge to Clean

The non-stick cookware is the easiest to clean, then comes the stainless steel which may require scrubbing with the steel wool in case the food got burnt and stuck to the bottom and finally, we have the copper cookware which is the hardest to clean.

So, folks, you have the information, you have the choices, and you have the money, go grab your cookware. Happy Shopping..!!

Gluten Free Bread Machine

Gluten Free BreadEveryday errand to the supermarket to buy a fresh pack of gluten free bread used to make me ignore the healthy lifestyle sometimes. It was a high time when one day I chose to walk a few more steps and choose one of those Gluten Free Bread Machines to save money as well as time on daily errands. I agree that it was quite a one-time investment, but ultimately, it was money as well as a time saver. And now I am baking my own bread daily in the required amount, preferred taste and with the complete trust of that being actually Gluten Free.

Just for the folks who don’t have any intolerance to gluten, but just adopting a gluten free diet for a healthy lifestyle, I would like to explain what gluten is. Gluten is a complex protein which is found in wheat, rye etc. and can produce different allergic reactions in the persons intolerant to it.

The gluten free bread needs a lot of mixing. And by lot, I mean A LOT! Some people, who have bread machines with a single paddle, even mix the dough in a mixer separately and then start the mixing in the bread machine. Therefore, I will suggest you to purchase a machine with two paddles which will save you any other extra effort of mixing the dough.

The dough for the gluten free bread will need ONLY ONE rise. The machines with the gluten free setting will go for only one dough rise while the other ones will go for two or more bread rises.

gluten free bread machineThere is a variety of gluten free bread machines which are not actually gluten free. Such machines are cheap and people fall prey to the prices. However, in the long run, it will only mount your problems instead of solving them. Hence, if you want some genuine bread machines, then go for the established names such as Zojirushi, Breville, and Panasonic etc. Bread machine buying guide from the experts at eco-chef you can help you make the best purchasing decision.

Some machines also allow you to go for the customized baking cycles; apart from the gluten free bread cycles. Hence, you should utilize such controls and go for the customized settings to increase the quality of the gluten free bread.

As there is a lot of time difference in the dough raising and baking, the gluten free bread will be ready to eat in a less time as compared to the normal bread. Hence, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend more time in making your own gluten free bread in the bread maker.

And finally, if you want to ask which machines are the best gluten free bread machines, then I suggest you to buy a machine with TWO paddles and at least ONE customized baking cycle. Therefore, invest smartly and enjoy your gluten free bread, baked fresh, daily the way you like.

Benefits of Rice Cooker

perfectly cooked riceMy brother in law is currently studying in the college and is living on his own since past 4 years. It was just yesterday he dropped for dinner when I made some rice as he loves them. He came into the kitchen while I was cooking and was all full of questions with my fuzzy logic rice cooker and the requirement of one while the rice can be simply cooked in a pot. He has been cooking rice in the pot since the day he moved out.

It was then, it struck me that some people are not even aware of all the benefits a rice cooker has; and hence, the post.

The rice cooker has a lot of benefits than JUST cooking rice. When it comes to cook rice, you might think that why to waste money over a fancy cooker when you can do it in a pot. But, the rice cooker will offer you a lot more than the rice. The rice cooker can be used to steam vegetables (along with the rice as well as separately). You can also make soups and stew vegetables in it. Boiling potatoes or just steaming them (a healthier option) is also common. The pressure in the rice cooker makes the temperature rise high in much reduced time and the rice is cooked earlier than an open pot.

It also ensures that the temperature is reached to the high, remains at the same level making the rice softer without burning it. After the cooking is over, the cooker will automatically turn off. This will save you a lot of time and effort spent in checking the rice while cooking it in a pot and turning it off within time to avoid undercooking or overcooking.

Apart from the other things you can cook in the rice cookers, you can also go for different kinds of rice as well as different kinds of textures of the rice being cooked in the cooker. You can have wet rice, extra soft rice, normal rice, hard rice, mixed rice, rice porridge, brown rice and sushi rice in the rice cooker.

Induction and fuzzy logic rice cookerThere are fuzzy logic rice cookers which come with numerous options and controls to make the rice cooking much mire exact and near to human cooking and deliver the best cooked rice. The induction based rice cookers are also there. The aroma rice cookers are there which cook the flavorful rice with a distinct aroma. The rice cookers also come with the keep warm feature which will be of great importance if your family eats at different times or you want to consume the rice at different times. The keep warm feature will keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours.

So, you see, the rice cookers are not MERE a replacement of the old pots which are fancy and make your kitchen looks modern and well equipped. They offer a hell lot of options which can be utilized to make the cooking easy and intelligent. So, invest in one and feel the difference yourself. To ensure you buy only the best and recent rice cooker, I would recommend you to check out rice cooker reviews.

The Best and Worst Cookware Materials

Today the market is filled with a broad range of cookware making it quite confusing for consumers to decide which cookware materials are best suited for their kitchens. Which cookware material lasts longer, matches your budget, poses no health concerns, and most importantly requires less maintenance? Bearing all these determinants in mind, it is both tedious and challenging to choose an ideal cookware material for your kitchen.

There are many modern styles and brands of pans and pots that are versatile and perfectly safe for cooking; however, there are a few that may cause health issues if used regularly. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will help you by clearing up any such confusion related to what types of pans and pots are easy and safe to use for different cooking styles.

The following are the best types of cookware materials for any kitchen:

Cast Iron

cast iron cookwareCast iron is one of the most traditional and popular cookware materials that have been used by both home and professional cooks for generations. This is because, this cookware material offers good heat retention and great conductivity, and, of course, is very durable, if seasoned regularly. Cast iron cookware is ideal to sear meat, and it is just the thing that you need for all those dishes that go from the cooktop straight into the oven. Cast iron is not as expensive as enamel cookware and offers you the comfort of cooking different recipes. Lodge cast iron cookware brand is one of the most recommended brands by cooks worldwide.


Enamel cookware material is perfect for all those dishes that need balanced heat spread across the surface. This is one of the safest cookware materials available in the market today. Enamel cookware is not only easy to use, but simple to clean after all your cooking too. Another feature that makes this non-stick surface cookware material an instant hit amongst cooks is that it does not react with any foods. Hence, you no longer need to bother about hazardous metals and chemicals leaching into food. Enameled steel, enameled ceramic, and enameled cast iron cookware are some of the best quality cookware choices for you in the market. Le Creuset enamel cookware is one brand to check out.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel cookwareStainless steel is yet another traditional cookware material preferred by more than 60% households worldwide. It is durable, affordable, long lasting and requires very little maintenance. This cookware material can withstand abrasive cleansers without denting or scratching, and it is dishwasher safe, making it ideal when cleaning. Stainless steel cookware can be practically used for all types of cooking, starting with browning meat, preparing a sauce, to making a quick dish. This cookware material does not leach into food, unlike copper and aluminum cookware materials. Although, you must note that stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat like cast iron and enamel cookware.

The following are the worst types of cookware materials for any kitchen:


teflon cookwareTeflon cookware is one material that most health experts do not recommend. The reason being, it is made from a chemical called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), which is one of the most relentless synthetic chemical known to man. Studies in animals show that PFOA causes immune system damage, cancer, growth defects, and liver damage. Teflon releases hazardous chemicals into the air during use and leaches into food while cooking. Thus, this is one cookware material to avoid.


Although aluminum cookware is not as toxic as Teflon, it does pose some hazardous risks to your health. Aluminum leaches into foods and reacts with acidic foods (citrus products and tomatoes) during cooking and increase the toxic threat when this food is consumed. Studies show that aluminum exposure can harm the human nervous system and may also lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, aluminum cookware is one cookware material that you must avoid for your cooking purposes.

Espresso machine buying tips

Buying an espresso machine can be tricky, given the wide range of machines that are available today. Buying an espresso machine can be doubly tricky for a first-time buyer. It is undeniable that a home espresso machine is a good investment and it will in turn save you tons of money that you would otherwise spend at your favorite cafe. So if you have decided to buy an espresso machine for the first time, thumbs up. But you need to know what will be ideal for you.There are four major types when it comes to espresso machines- manual, semi-automatic, automatic and super automatic. Among these, it is advisable for you to stick to either a manual machine or a semi automatic one.

manual espresso machineA manual machine is good for beginners to start with. There are mainly two kinds of manual machines- the spring piston lever machine where there is a spring inside the machine that puts pressure on the water and pushes it for it to pass through the coffee muck once you pull the lever; and then there is the direct lever machine where you have to pull a lever that will directly push the water. Otherwise these machines are almost similar. The good thing about a manual machine is that it can produce the world’s best espresso shot at the hands of a good brewer because this machine allows you more control over your brew than any other semi automatic or automatic machine. Manual machines come with the added benefit of pre-infusion, where you can keep your ground coffee infused with hot water for some time. This is something that always yields a good result(but you need to know how long your coffee needs to be infused as different beans require different infusion time). This machine also lets you control the amount of water allowed to pass for each shot. But downside of a manual machine is, well it is manual and a lot depends on your expertise. So as a first time buyer, if you want to go for a manual machine, be prepared for some hands on learning experience and disappointment. For more information on the best espresso machines, read reviews by visiting the link.

semi-automatic espresso machineSemi automatic machines are relatively easier to use. That is why most home users prefer a semi automatic machine to begin their coffee brewing journey. These machines, unlike their manual brothers, control the pressure by themselves. There’s also a temperature controlling heating device that turns on automatically whenever it detects that the boiler water temperature has dropped. Other than this, here you do get control over the amount of water passed through for a shot, and there is a manual switch for this purpose.

So, now choose carefully. If you are patient and eager to learn and also do not mind some bad shots of espresso, you can safely invest in a manual machine. But if you want something less hands-on and more consistent, a semi automatic machine is you best bet.

Best Juicer: juicer buying made easy

JuicerThese days no one is really fit. It’s because of too much consumption of processed food and drinks. Processed food and drinks contain harmful chemicals that affect digestive system’s normal process and weaken immune system. It’s better to consume healthy food and homemade drinks instead of processed food. Juicing is great way to remain fit and healthy. Just drink a glass of vegetable juice every day. But do you know every juicer is not same. Amount of nutrients getting into juice also depends upon juicer being used.  Also it’s not very easy to pick a juicer. It’s very confusing as there are so many juicers and juicing machine brands available in market. If you are planning to buy a juicer, I recommend you to read juicer reviews first. I recently bought a juicer based on “Best Juicer’s” ratings and it has been going strong from last 2 months. If you also want to purchase juicer then you may want to look at best juicer website. This website explains technical behind juicing machines. This explains you about type of juicers and difference between a masticating, centrifugal and twin gear juicer. I’ll also brief you about these types of juicers.

Slow Masticating JuicerMasticating juicers are also sometime known as slow juicers. These juicers rotate at slow speed of around 50-150 rpm.  They make juice slower than regular juicers. They are slow but their juice quality is highest. They make nutrient and mineral rich juice. There price is higher than usual juicers. There price vary from $300 to $400. Breville and Omega both make masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are faster than masticating juicers. These rotate at very fast speed of around 10000- 120000 rpm. They make juice in few seconds. They are not very expensive. You can get a basic centrifugal juicer for $100. Breville makes best centrifugal juicers but there price is higher than usual centrifugal juicers. Twin gear juicers are just like masticating juicers. Only difference is that they have two gears. They make nutrient rich juice with very high yield. But they are expensive. There price varies depending upon brand.

Now I will share some tips that will help you enjoy benefits of juicing quickly. First of all you should use pesticide free veggies. It is best if you use organically grown vegetables and include greens veggies like celery, spinach in your juice.  You should drink your vegetable juice right away. If you store it for long time nutritional decline will happen.


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