Just Purchased Zojirushi Rice Cooker

rice cookerRice cooker is one of the most interesting pieces of technology that has not only changed the lives of many but has also made the very act of cooking, a practice of leisure. The rice cooker is an ideal solution for limited cooking space and cooks perfect rice with no or little attention. With more than half the world consuming rice as their staple food, the ubiquitous rice cooker cooks great rice, making it an important device in every kitchen.

Zojirushi rice cookerAfter hours of research, and reading millions of reviews online, I finally discovered one high-end rice cooker that makes excellent rice porridge, sticky rice, and brown rice, it is none other than the Zojirushi rice cooker. The Zojirushi brand of appliances has been in the market for about 90 years now. Why do you need a high-end rice cooker when a pot and a stove can do the same work? This is one question that continually crossed my mind before I wanted to purchase a rice cooker. The answer to this topic is simple, which I discovered after buying my Zojirushi rice cooker – if you want to make perfect white or brown rice, then the Zojirushi rice cooker is what you need. If you like eating rice multiple times a week, and would love to eat only the best-tasting rice, then it is worth investing in the Zojirushi rice cooker. If you don’t have the budget to buy Zojirushi rice cooker, Kedai Makan will help you to get the best rice cooker within your budget.

The ultra-innovative, super smart Zojirushi rice cooker uses pressure cooking along with induction heating. In other words, the rice cooker automatically adjusts the amount of pressure based on the menu selected. This rice cooker uses the fuzzy logic computerized technology, where the artificial intelligence of the microcomputer adjusts based on moisture, heat, and weight.

What I have noticed with constant use of this cooker is that it makes adjustments to time and temperature based on the meal that I cook. From sushi rice to porridge this versatile rice cooker takes cooking to an all new level with a host of settings. The number of presets on the computer screen that is located in the front of the rice cooker works exceptionally well when cooking sushi rice, brown rice, and white rice. Just push the simple one-touch button and your work is done. I did try different varieties of rice – Basmati Rice, Black Rice (the Forbidden Rice), Sushi Rice, Jasmine Rice, and the Carolina White Rice. I noticed that each rice variety took surprisingly long time to cook, especially if you are used to converted rice or parboiled rice. But, the best part of using the Zojirushi rice cooker is you need not keep a close watch while the rice is cooking. For instance, I adjusted the settings on the cooker with Sushi rice in it, went out the supermarket to pick a few vegetables, came back home and found the rice cooked to perfection.

Gaba brown riceMy favorite setting offered by the Zojirushi rice cooker is the GABA setting. This setting holds the GABA brown rice at 104° for two whole hours before cooking it, making it extremely simple to cook healthy rice in a matter of minutes. The setting helps in bringing out the nutty flavor of the brown rice, where every rice grain is firm (not crunch) and cooked to perfection (not mushy).

The rice cooker comes along with a measuring cup (to measure rice and water), steaming basket, spatula holder, and nonstick rice spatula. Washing this cooker is way too simple, especially with its solidly built parts and detachable lid. The instructions booklet that comes along with the Zojirushi rice cooker offers precise instructions and answers almost all your questions.

Espresso machine buying tips

Buying an espresso machine can be tricky, given the wide range of machines that are available today. Buying an espresso machine can be doubly tricky for a first-time buyer. It is undeniable that a home espresso machine is a good investment and it will in turn save you tons of money that you would otherwise spend at your favorite cafe. So if you have decided to buy an espresso machine for the first time, thumbs up. But you need to know what will be ideal for you.There are four major types when it comes to espresso machines- manual, semi-automatic, automatic and super automatic. Among these, it is advisable for you to stick to either a manual machine or a semi automatic one.

manual espresso machineA manual machine is good for beginners to start with. There are mainly two kinds of manual machines- the spring piston lever machine where there is a spring inside the machine that puts pressure on the water and pushes it for it to pass through the coffee muck once you pull the lever; and then there is the direct lever machine where you have to pull a lever that will directly push the water. Otherwise these machines are almost similar. The good thing about a manual machine is that it can produce the world’s best espresso shot at the hands of a good brewer because this machine allows you more control over your brew than any other semi automatic or automatic machine. Manual machines come with the added benefit of pre-infusion, where you can keep your ground coffee infused with hot water for some time. This is something that always yields a good result(but you need to know how long your coffee needs to be infused as different beans require different infusion time). This machine also lets you control the amount of water allowed to pass for each shot. But downside of a manual machine is, well it is manual and a lot depends on your expertise. So as a first time buyer, if you want to go for a manual machine, be prepared for some hands on learning experience and disappointment. For more information on the best espresso machines, read reviews by visiting the link.

semi-automatic espresso machineSemi automatic machines are relatively easier to use. That is why most home users prefer a semi automatic machine to begin their coffee brewing journey. These machines, unlike their manual brothers, control the pressure by themselves. There’s also a temperature controlling heating device that turns on automatically whenever it detects that the boiler water temperature has dropped. Other than this, here you do get control over the amount of water passed through for a shot, and there is a manual switch for this purpose.

So, now choose carefully. If you are patient and eager to learn and also do not mind some bad shots of espresso, you can safely invest in a manual machine. But if you want something less hands-on and more consistent, a semi automatic machine is you best bet.

Best Juicer: juicer buying made easy

JuicerThese days no one is really fit. It’s because of too much consumption of processed food and drinks. Processed food and drinks contain harmful chemicals that affect digestive system’s normal process and weaken immune system. It’s better to consume healthy food and homemade drinks instead of processed food. Juicing is great way to remain fit and healthy. Just drink a glass of vegetable juice every day. But do you know every juicer is not same. Amount of nutrients getting into juice also depends upon juicer being used.  Also it’s not very easy to pick a juicer. It’s very confusing as there are so many juicers and juicing machine brands available in market. If you are planning to buy a juicer, I recommend you to read juicer reviews first. I recently bought a juicer based on “Best Juicer’s” ratings and it has been going strong from last 2 months. If you also want to purchase juicer then you may want to look at best juicer website. This website explains technical behind juicing machines. This explains you about type of juicers and difference between a masticating, centrifugal and twin gear juicer. I’ll also brief you about these types of juicers.

Slow Masticating JuicerMasticating juicers are also sometime known as slow juicers. These juicers rotate at slow speed of around 50-150 rpm.  They make juice slower than regular juicers. They are slow but their juice quality is highest. They make nutrient and mineral rich juice. There price is higher than usual juicers. There price vary from $300 to $400. Breville and Omega both make masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are faster than masticating juicers. These rotate at very fast speed of around 10000- 120000 rpm. They make juice in few seconds. They are not very expensive. You can get a basic centrifugal juicer for $100. Breville makes best centrifugal juicers but there price is higher than usual centrifugal juicers. Twin gear juicers are just like masticating juicers. Only difference is that they have two gears. They make nutrient rich juice with very high yield. But they are expensive. There price varies depending upon brand.

Now I will share some tips that will help you enjoy benefits of juicing quickly. First of all you should use pesticide free veggies. It is best if you use organically grown vegetables and include greens veggies like celery, spinach in your juice.  You should drink your vegetable juice right away. If you store it for long time nutritional decline will happen.


Anita’s is a small specialty restaurant that focuses on personal service warm environment and creative menu items. Our theme is Crepes and French cuisine but we are not restricted to just that, we love to come up with creative drinks and food that focus on local and organic and made from scratch ingredients. Anita began selling crepes at Farmers Markets around town in 2004 and then opened Anita’s Crepes Restaurant in between Ballard and Fremont on Leary in October of 2008. At the restaurant we are well known for our Saturday and Sunday brunch and outside of this we are known for catering crepes at special events and parties, made to order on the spot just like on the streets France.

Welcome to Anita’s Crepes!

Here you will enjoy the best of local, organic, made from scratch ingredients along with imported meats and cheeses, friendly service in a nice warm environment.

See our new hours posted at right.  We’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Friday thru Sunday, and breakfast and lunch during the week.

This spring we will be attending the Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Columbia City, Redmond, Mercer Island and Bellevue markets.  Come see us and say hi!

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