The Best and Worst Cookware Materials

Today the market is filled with a broad range of cookware making it quite confusing for consumers to decide which cookware materials are best suited for their kitchens. Which cookware material lasts longer, matches your budget, poses no health concerns, and most importantly requires less maintenance? Bearing all these determinants in mind, it is both tedious and challenging to choose an ideal cookware material for your kitchen.

There are many modern styles and brands of pans and pots that are versatile and perfectly safe for cooking; however, there are a few that may cause health issues if used regularly. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will help you by clearing up any such confusion related to what types of pans and pots are easy and safe to use for different cooking styles.

The following are the best types of cookware materials for any kitchen:

Cast Iron

cast iron cookwareCast iron is one of the most traditional and popular cookware materials that have been used by both home and professional cooks for generations. This is because, this cookware material offers good heat retention and great conductivity, and, of course, is very durable, if seasoned regularly. Cast iron cookware is ideal to sear meat, and it is just the thing that you need for all those dishes that go from the cooktop straight into the oven. Cast iron is not as expensive as enamel cookware and offers you the comfort of cooking different recipes. Lodge cast iron cookware brand is one of the most recommended brands by cooks worldwide.


Enamel cookware material is perfect for all those dishes that need balanced heat spread across the surface. This is one of the safest cookware materials available in the market today. Enamel cookware is not only easy to use, but simple to clean after all your cooking too. Another feature that makes this non-stick surface cookware material an instant hit amongst cooks is that it does not react with any foods. Hence, you no longer need to bother about hazardous metals and chemicals leaching into food. Enameled steel, enameled ceramic, and enameled cast iron cookware are some of the best quality cookware choices for you in the market. Le Creuset enamel cookware is one brand to check out.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel cookwareStainless steel is yet another traditional cookware material preferred by more than 60% households worldwide. It is durable, affordable, long lasting and requires very little maintenance. This cookware material can withstand abrasive cleansers without denting or scratching, and it is dishwasher safe, making it ideal when cleaning. Stainless steel cookware can be practically used for all types of cooking, starting with browning meat, preparing a sauce, to making a quick dish. This cookware material does not leach into food, unlike copper and aluminum cookware materials. Although, you must note that stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat like cast iron and enamel cookware.

The following are the worst types of cookware materials for any kitchen:


teflon cookwareTeflon cookware is one material that most health experts do not recommend. The reason being, it is made from a chemical called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), which is one of the most relentless synthetic chemical known to man. Studies in animals show that PFOA causes immune system damage, cancer, growth defects, and liver damage. Teflon releases hazardous chemicals into the air during use and leaches into food while cooking. Thus, this is one cookware material to avoid.


Although aluminum cookware is not as toxic as Teflon, it does pose some hazardous risks to your health. Aluminum leaches into foods and reacts with acidic foods (citrus products and tomatoes) during cooking and increase the toxic threat when this food is consumed. Studies show that aluminum exposure can harm the human nervous system and may also lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, aluminum cookware is one cookware material that you must avoid for your cooking purposes.