Gluten Free Bread Machine

Gluten Free BreadEveryday errand to the supermarket to buy a fresh pack of gluten free bread used to make me ignore the healthy lifestyle sometimes. It was a high time when one day I chose to walk a few more steps and choose one of those Gluten Free Bread Machines to save money as well as time on daily errands. I agree that it was quite a one-time investment, but ultimately, it was money as well as a time saver. And now I am baking my own bread daily in the required amount, preferred taste and with the complete trust of that being actually Gluten Free.

Just for the folks who don’t have any intolerance to gluten, but just adopting a gluten free diet for a healthy lifestyle, I would like to explain what gluten is. Gluten is a complex protein which is found in wheat, rye etc. and can produce different allergic reactions in the persons intolerant to it.

The gluten free bread needs a lot of mixing. And by lot, I mean A LOT! Some people, who have bread machines with a single paddle, even mix the dough in a mixer separately and then start the mixing in the bread machine. Therefore, I will suggest you to purchase a machine with two paddles which will save you any other extra effort of mixing the dough.

The dough for the gluten free bread will need ONLY ONE rise. The machines with the gluten free setting will go for only one dough rise while the other ones will go for two or more bread rises.

gluten free bread machineThere is a variety of gluten free bread machines which are not actually gluten free. Such machines are cheap and people fall prey to the prices. However, in the long run, it will only mount your problems instead of solving them. Hence, if you want some genuine bread machines, then go for the established names such as Zojirushi, Breville, and Panasonic etc. Bread machine buying guide from the experts at eco-chef you can help you make the best purchasing decision.

Some machines also allow you to go for the customized baking cycles; apart from the gluten free bread cycles. Hence, you should utilize such controls and go for the customized settings to increase the quality of the gluten free bread.

As there is a lot of time difference in the dough raising and baking, the gluten free bread will be ready to eat in a less time as compared to the normal bread. Hence, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend more time in making your own gluten free bread in the bread maker.

And finally, if you want to ask which machines are the best gluten free bread machines, then I suggest you to buy a machine with TWO paddles and at least ONE customized baking cycle. Therefore, invest smartly and enjoy your gluten free bread, baked fresh, daily the way you like.