Espresso machine buying tips

Buying an espresso machine can be tricky, given the wide range of machines that are available today. Buying an espresso machine can be doubly tricky for a first-time buyer. It is undeniable that a home espresso machine is a good investment and it will in turn save you tons of money that you would otherwise spend at your favorite cafe. So if you have decided to buy an espresso machine for the first time, thumbs up. But you need to know what will be ideal for you.There are four major types when it comes to espresso machines- manual, semi-automatic, automatic and super automatic. Among these, it is advisable for you to stick to either a manual machine or a semi automatic one.

manual espresso machineA manual machine is good for beginners to start with. There are mainly two kinds of manual machines- the spring piston lever machine where there is a spring inside the machine that puts pressure on the water and pushes it for it to pass through the coffee muck once you pull the lever; and then there is the direct lever machine where you have to pull a lever that will directly push the water. Otherwise these machines are almost similar. The good thing about a manual machine is that it can produce the world’s best espresso shot at the hands of a good brewer because this machine allows you more control over your brew than any other semi automatic or automatic machine. Manual machines come with the added benefit of pre-infusion, where you can keep your ground coffee infused with hot water for some time. This is something that always yields a good result(but you need to know how long your coffee needs to be infused as different beans require different infusion time). This machine also lets you control the amount of water allowed to pass for each shot. But downside of a manual machine is, well it is manual and a lot depends on your expertise. So as a first time buyer, if you want to go for a manual machine, be prepared for some hands on learning experience and disappointment. For more information on the best espresso machines, read reviews by visiting the link.

semi-automatic espresso machineSemi automatic machines are relatively easier to use. That is why most home users prefer a semi automatic machine to begin their coffee brewing journey. These machines, unlike their manual brothers, control the pressure by themselves. There’s also a temperature controlling heating device that turns on automatically whenever it detects that the boiler water temperature has dropped. Other than this, here you do get control over the amount of water passed through for a shot, and there is a manual switch for this purpose.

So, now choose carefully. If you are patient and eager to learn and also do not mind some bad shots of espresso, you can safely invest in a manual machine. But if you want something less hands-on and more consistent, a semi automatic machine is you best bet.