Best Juicer: juicer buying made easy

JuicerThese days no one is really fit. It’s because of too much consumption of processed food and drinks. Processed food and drinks contain harmful chemicals that affect digestive system’s normal process and weaken immune system. It’s better to consume healthy food and homemade drinks instead of processed food. Juicing is great way to remain fit and healthy. Just drink a glass of vegetable juice every day. But do you know every juicer is not same. Amount of nutrients getting into juice also depends upon juicer being used.  Also it’s not very easy to pick a juicer. It’s very confusing as there are so many juicers and juicing machine brands available in market. If you are planning to buy a juicer, I recommend you to read juicer reviews first. I recently bought a juicer based on “Best Juicer’s” ratings and it has been going strong from last 2 months. If you also want to purchase juicer then you may want to look at best juicer website. This website explains technical behind juicing machines. This explains you about type of juicers and difference between a masticating, centrifugal and twin gear juicer. I’ll also brief you about these types of juicers.

Slow Masticating JuicerMasticating juicers are also sometime known as slow juicers. These juicers rotate at slow speed of around 50-150 rpm.  They make juice slower than regular juicers. They are slow but their juice quality is highest. They make nutrient and mineral rich juice. There price is higher than usual juicers. There price vary from $300 to $400. Breville and Omega both make masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are faster than masticating juicers. These rotate at very fast speed of around 10000- 120000 rpm. They make juice in few seconds. They are not very expensive. You can get a basic centrifugal juicer for $100. Breville makes best centrifugal juicers but there price is higher than usual centrifugal juicers. Twin gear juicers are just like masticating juicers. Only difference is that they have two gears. They make nutrient rich juice with very high yield. But they are expensive. There price varies depending upon brand.

Now I will share some tips that will help you enjoy benefits of juicing quickly. First of all you should use pesticide free veggies. It is best if you use organically grown vegetables and include greens veggies like celery, spinach in your juice.  You should drink your vegetable juice right away. If you store it for long time nutritional decline will happen.