Benefits of Rice Cooker

perfectly cooked riceMy brother in law is currently studying in the college and is living on his own since past 4 years. It was just yesterday he dropped for dinner when I made some rice as he loves them. He came into the kitchen while I was cooking and was all full of questions with my fuzzy logic rice cooker and the requirement of one while the rice can be simply cooked in a pot. He has been cooking rice in the pot since the day he moved out.

It was then, it struck me that some people are not even aware of all the benefits a rice cooker has; and hence, the post.

The rice cooker has a lot of benefits than JUST cooking rice. When it comes to cook rice, you might think that why to waste money over a fancy cooker when you can do it in a pot. But, the rice cooker will offer you a lot more than the rice. The rice cooker can be used to steam vegetables (along with the rice as well as separately). You can also make soups and stew vegetables in it. Boiling potatoes or just steaming them (a healthier option) is also common. The pressure in the rice cooker makes the temperature rise high in much reduced time and the rice is cooked earlier than an open pot.

It also ensures that the temperature is reached to the high, remains at the same level making the rice softer without burning it. After the cooking is over, the cooker will automatically turn off. This will save you a lot of time and effort spent in checking the rice while cooking it in a pot and turning it off within time to avoid undercooking or overcooking.

Apart from the other things you can cook in the rice cookers, you can also go for different kinds of rice as well as different kinds of textures of the rice being cooked in the cooker. You can have wet rice, extra soft rice, normal rice, hard rice, mixed rice, rice porridge, brown rice and sushi rice in the rice cooker.

Induction and fuzzy logic rice cookerThere are fuzzy logic rice cookers which come with numerous options and controls to make the rice cooking much mire exact and near to human cooking and deliver the best cooked rice. The induction based rice cookers are also there. The aroma rice cookers are there which cook the flavorful rice with a distinct aroma. The rice cookers also come with the keep warm feature which will be of great importance if your family eats at different times or you want to consume the rice at different times. The keep warm feature will keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours.

So, you see, the rice cookers are not MERE a replacement of the old pots which are fancy and make your kitchen looks modern and well equipped. They offer a hell lot of options which can be utilized to make the cooking easy and intelligent. So, invest in one and feel the difference yourself. To ensure you buy only the best and recent rice cooker, I would recommend you to check out rice cooker reviews.