Cookware Set – Copper, Stainless Steel or Non-Stick

Being an apartment stager, I am regularly asked questions regarding the cookware, interior items, decor, furniture, rugs and even the toiletries. I mean, most of the times, my customers want me to suggest the names or types which are the most suitable to them and their needs. Given my interest in all that stuff and the zeal to satisfy my clients, I research a lot and tend to offer the best help from my side. Today, I had a very good interaction with my customers that are a big family of 5 (2 parents and 3 children); in which the cookware types were being discussed. I thought to share the same with you.

Cookware Set

I was asked that which cookware set will suit them the most. In any other case it would have been the Stainless Steel as I am a devout fan of the same and have been using my own for past 10 years. I love cooking and assure you that my set is very well used and still is as good as new. But, this particular family has to be guided in a different manner. Because, no matter they earn well, but the kind of investment required for the complete cookware set of stainless steel, is a bit too much and can break their budget. Hence, I have to reply considering that.

While making a purchase for any kind of cookware set, one can follow the following 5 rules and shortlist the one that suits him or her the most. Also, it very important to go through cookware set reviews as otherwise you will lose your money for a bad product.

Rule #1: Check the Requirement and Budget

If you don’t love cooking and your cookware usage is limited to heating the packed or canned food, then your choice of the cookware doesn’t matter much. You can heat the beans in copper, stainless steel or non-stick. Further, if you are on a shoe-string budget then, you will have to choose the one accordingly. Generally, the copper utensils are suitable for the big kitchens and families where the pots are dedicated to cook the broths and stews and chicken and it is important to have the copper pot. The non-stick cookware is expensive and the stainless steel is the most expensive one on the list.

Rule #2: Quality and Cost Balance

Everyone has the different outlook towards the quality of the things they purchase. Some people can compromise on quality and spend less on the cookware set and some are not. For the people totally focused on the quality, the Stainless Steel Cookware is the best. It is the pricey one but it serves you the best and for the longest. The non-stick cookware needs replacement after sometime, when the coating corrodes away and similar is the case with the copper cookware which has a tendency to corrode and slim down with time and usage.

Rule #3: General Properties

Stainless steel cookware setThe Stainless Steel Cookware Set is the best of all. It is free of all chemicals, provides you with the best-cooked food, is non-reactive, is the most durable, dent resistant and provides even heating. The non-stick cookware is, on the other hand, manufactured by coating the cookware surface with the Teflon and other substances and has a chemical nature. It cannot be scrubbed too hard. It has to be dealt carefully and the coating wears out. Once, it is worn out, you have to replace your non-stick cookware set and purchase another one. The copper cookware tarnishes in moisture and consistent use, gets corroded with time, gets eaten away by the acidic foods and reacts with them, tends to change their flavor and smell, prone to denting and destruction and needs real elbow strength while cleaning. The polishing too fades away with time. Hence, the purchase should be done accordingly.

Rule #4: Items Being Cooked

If you are not keen on sauces, the copper cookware is a good choice. But if you like to enjoy the sour flavor every now and then, then the copper cookware may not be the one for you. If you have the habit to keep the food in the cookware itself for long intervals of time and clean all your utensils together once they pile on, then the copper cookware is not suitable for you. This is because of the fact that the copper cookware tends to react with certain items and the prolonged storage of food in it will mean that the metal creeps in your food, your food loses the original taste and ingredients tend to lose the flavor.

Both the stainless steel and non-stick cookware will be good in the above situations.

Rule #5: Urge to Clean

The non-stick cookware is the easiest to clean, then comes the stainless steel which may require scrubbing with the steel wool in case the food got burnt and stuck to the bottom and finally, we have the copper cookware which is the hardest to clean.

So, folks, you have the information, you have the choices, and you have the money, go grab your cookware. Happy Shopping..!!

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